Tuesday, July 17, 2007

pittsburgh diner review (II)

Pamela's P&G Diner

60 21st Street
Pittsburgh, Pa 15222 (Strip District)

A friend of mine once described good coffee as being “like sex in the mouth”; if good coffee is sex in the mouth, then Pamela’s is nothing less than the breakfast-climax. Their business card claims that Pamela’s is the best breakfast in Pittsburgh; I might dispute that, preferring: Best Breakfast in Pennsylvania or Best Breakfast on the East Coast or Best Breakfast in North America or…well, you get the point. Everything about Pamela’s fits neatly into the Utopian breakfast experience: the perfectly rolled Banana and Chocolate Chip Hotcakes, plenty of good, hot coffee, the Lyonaise Potatoes (homefries), the well-lit pink and blue artificial-fifties interior decorated neatly with retro-ish photographs and the pleasant service that rivals that of any diner I’ve ever been to. So, if you’ve yet to venture on down to the Strip for an epic breakfast at the newest Pamela’s location, I plead with you to make your way down there… as fast as humanly possible.

Happy Days (Are Here Again): 9.6
Juan Valdez Says: 4.5
My Money Doesn't Grow on Trees: 9.8
What Would You Like To-night?: 9.1
May I Kneel Before the King?: 9.7

(+) outdoor seating; plenty of parking nearby; colorful, easy to read menus
(-) you’ve gotta be kidding

Total Tab:
Banana and Chocolate Chip Hotcakes: $6.95
Coffee: $1.50
Tax: $0.52
Sub-Total: $7.97
Tip: $2.00
Total: $9.97

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Phippsy said...

you moved man. how are things?

I love Pamela's (especially the one on the strip).

I will say though, that my favorite is Deluca's (also in the strip).

K.I.T. man.